It all started back in 1968 as a modest business in the basement of Benny Frandsen's house where he began designing lamps.

Young and idealistic, he first made only the quadratic lamps that were his own favorites. He quickly discovered, however, that these weren't selling well, and cast his efforts into round lamps, the Ball series, which still are in production and one of the best selling series from us.

Designing lamps was actually a sideline while serving in the military, but things changed when Benny Frandsen produced the Ball design in 1968.

Benny Frandsen has won several international design awards for his lamp designs through the years.

Since 1968 Benny Frandsen has been designing lamps. Benny Frandsen is the founder of Frandsen Group A/S. In 2018 Benny Frandsen celebrates his 50th anniversary together with Frandsen Group A/S.

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Oliver Kudsk