Wheels pendant ø24 cm | Glass

Wheels pendant ø24 cm | Glass


Coloured glass, one of this year’s strongest trends, strikes a lovely, slightly solemn atmosphere in the home. The new Wheels lamp series from Frandsen Retail is no exception, bringing light and warmth into the home with its smoked glass shades.

The light is refracted by the round rings in the glass, spreading an intimate, cosy light all around it. The Wheels pendant from Frandsen Retail is the perfect supplement to spot lighting and the more general lighting in many spaces.

The Wheels pendant is elegant over a small decorative table or hanging freely in a corner of the bedroom for extra ambiance – a trick that can transform a space in an instant, making it appear both bigger and more inviting.

The name Wheels refers, of course, to the round rings in the glass. Instead of a classic, smooth glass shade, the faceted surface refracts the light, producing playful shadows on the walls.


Dimensions: ø24 cm | H31.5 cm
Variants: Smoke glass
Designer: Frandsen Design Studio

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